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"They are good people."

That statement from a customer says everything you need to know about Transform Solar, a company that stands out in a crowded Florida solar market.

There are three things worth noting about Transform Solar:

  1. Satisfied Customers. People seem to be getting incredible customer service from every member of the Transform team - the sales staff, project managers, electricians, installers, you name it. Juan, Jacob, Jason, Billi Jo, Ryan and Sophia get singled out by name over and over for their expertise, communication, and for just being good people to work with.
  2. High Quality Installations. Several customers compliment Transform’s high-caliber work, and the crew's respect for their property. Many say their system looks better than others they've seen!
  3. No Pressure Sales. We think this is a refreshing change in an industry often criticized for aggressive sales tactics. Customers have relief at Transform’s no-pressure sales approach, fair pricing and focus on educating rather than selling.

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Data on this page

For this analysis of Transform Solar, we studied 125 customer reviews left across Google, Yelp, and EnergySage, representing their work across 3 years. To give you the most comprehensive view possible, we then partnered with OhmAnalytics, the industry's leading marketing intelligence service, for public records of completed solar installations.

Who is this page for?

This page is for homeowners researching Transform Solar.

We believe this to be true after spending a decade working with solar customers and contractors.

"Was it worth it?"

What people are reporting about their solar performance and savings, months and years later.

How it went

What people are saying about their initial 'going solar' experience.

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Ancillary work

What work besides solar did people get done? How did that go?

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ev charger
Solar batteries can store your solar power for use after sunset, to sell back to the grid or to provide backup power. This may be counterintuitive, but note that solar panels require a battery in order to function during an outage.

3 year track record

How many homes has Transform Solar solarized recently? How are those customers feeling?

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Other FYIs

Years in business
Certified Electrical Contractor
Certified Electrical Contractor: This mandatory state license ensures your contractor can handle all aspects of residential solar, including the installation, maintenance, and interconnection of solar and battery systems to the electric grid.
BBB grade
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a non-profit organization that assigns letter grades (A+ to F) to companies based on their business practices and customer complaints.